2013 Great Alpine Chain Route

Message from Tyne Valley MTB: Support driver needed for short Alpine tour at end of August

Once again cancer implications have changed Tyne Valley MTBs plans for our annual Alps tour at short notice. Our 2013 lady support-driver has just recently told me she has discovered a large lump on her front upper chest area and she is now undergoing accelerated examinations with a view to major surgery. Its been confirmed its VERY serious but less important, we have lost our support driver for our up an coming Alps trip.

The search so far for the second stint has so far drawn a blank. This is a request to ask if you or someone suitable you know is available to rescue us for the last 5 or 7 days – it is relatively easy to swop drivers a day longer than half way through our extended tour this year to take over from out first stint volunteer driver using the same outward and return flight. All your essential costs will be covered.

Thurs 22/08: Fly ex N/cle 7am to Venice 1045 (collect minibus) – drive 2.5 hours to collect our luggage from our 21/08 accomm then drive 1 hour or so to meet us at our next accomm on 22/08 using a satnav and / or map.

Main job: Move our kit daily for 3 days and buy bread, cheese, ham & fruit for each lunch stop.

Wed 28/08: Minibus should be back in N/cle at 4pm

OR flight back from Munich on 26/08 with the other riders (this option means only 2 days off work instead of 4)

Naturally I hope one of you can do this for us and share our adventure and enjoy fantastic scenery, good crack and stay in amazing places. Please think about it, discuss it, check your diary and get back to me soonest.

Gan canny: Ted

Tyne Valley MTB

01434 673038


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  8. Cycle with care and come back again.

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