The Trailblazers are a group of MTB enthusiasts with the common aim of making Hamsterley Forest a centre of excellence for mountain biking that attracts riders of all abilities. Our main activities are:

  • Trailbuilding: renovating and maintaining existing cycle trails and developing new ones.
  • Development: realising the full potential of the Forest as an MTB centre and seeking funding for development of the trails and facilities.
  • Promotion: ensuring that Hamsterley attracts as many riders as possible to the Forest and its surroundings.


Our aims are explained fully in our mission statement.

We have a dedicated team who are responsible for the overall direction and coordination of our efforts. Our Constitution sets out the framework we work within as an organisation.

We have a great membership scheme which allows Trailblazer members to benefit from an excellent package of benefits. Join now and start enjoying the benefits.

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Why Hamsterley?

All members of the Trailblazers have been riding the Forest for many years. The reason we do so is that Hamsterley offers a bit of everything. For example, the technical sections of the Black Route are always a challenge (particularly when wet!!).

However, sometimes even the most accomplished riders just want a casual, sedate ride out with the family. Or you might perhaps wish to traverse "off-piste" to discover some of the less well-ridden parts of the Forest. Hamsterley provides variety for all levels of rider.


What Next?

Hamsterley has a lot to offer riders already. However, we believe that its true potential has yet to be realised. As members, we are concerned that some thousands of MTB enthusiasts pass through County Durham en route to the MTB centres of excellence in Scotland.

We believe that Hamsterley, if developed fully, could compete with any of the MTB centres in the UK. That, in a nutshell, is our aim. We want Hamsterley to be a magnet for MTB riders of all abilities.

The project is already under way and the forest is being transformed as we speak. In a year or so you will be amazed at the difference. Check it out !

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The Forest Cycle Code

  1. Expect the unexpected, keep your speed down.
  2. Remember other vehicles use the forest roads as well as you!
  3. Give way to walkers, be friendly towards other forest users.
  4. Hail a horse and avoid an accident.
  5. Danger! Keep away from forest operations and follow diversions.
  6. Danger! Do not pass any vehicle loading timber until you have been told to do so.
  7. Footpaths are for walkers only!
  8. Cycle with care and come back again.

Club Ride Leaders Wanted

Ride leaders wanted. 

If you would like to volunteer your services please contact us @ The Hamsterley Trailblazers This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.