Trail Building


What are we up to?

Our trailbuilding team is engaged in developing new routes and maintaining existing trails. The trails are built through combined effort of volunteers and contractors, depending on the nature of the trail and available funding. We work very closely with Forest Enterprise whose support is so important.


Volunteers needed

The teams are all volunteers. We need more people to help out so if you are interested in giving up a few hours of your time then contact us now. You don't need to be a trailbuilding maestro: people willing to push a wheelbarrow or dig out turf are as important as the trail design gurus. Members who attend 4 or more trailbuilding sessions in the calendar year will receive a annual parking permit as a thank-you from the Forestry Commission. If you wish to attend as a volunteer then please note the following:

  • Clothing: Make sure that you wear clothing which is suitable for working outdoors and that you don’t mind getting dirty. Bring robust footwear, steel cap boots are ideal. Waterproofs may be necessary as we work in most weather conditions.
  • Food and drink: Packed lunch and drink are advised.
  • Tools: All tools will be provided.
  • Timetable: Trailbuilding teams meet at 10 am outside Wood’n’Wheels and finish work at approx 3pm.


Trailbuilding dates

Details of future trailbuilding sessions are provided on the Events page.


Here are some photos from previous trailbuilding sessions.