About Us

About US

The Trailblazers are a group of MTB enthusiasts with the common aim of making Hamsterley Forest a centre of excellence for mountain biking that attracts riders of all abilities. Our main activities are:

  • Trailbuilding: renovating and maintaining existing cycle trails and developing new ones.
  • Development: realising the full potential of the Forest as an MTB centre and seeking funding for development of the trails and facilities.
  • Promotion: ensuring that Hamsterley attracts as many riders as possible to the Forest and its surroundings.


Our aims are explained fully in our mission statement.

We have a dedicated team who are responsible for the overall direction and coordination of our efforts. Our Constitution sets out the framework we work within as an organisation.

We have a great membership scheme which allows Trailblazer members to benefit from an excellent package of benefits. Join now and start enjoying the benefits.

Here are some of our partners:-


Why Hamsterley?

All members of the Trailblazers have been riding the Forest for many years. The reason we do so is that Hamsterley offers a bit of everything. For example, the technical sections of the Black Route are always a challenge (particularly when wet!!).

However, sometimes even the most accomplished riders just want a casual, sedate ride out with the family. Or you might perhaps wish to traverse "off-piste" to discover some of the less well-ridden parts of the Forest. Hamsterley provides variety for all levels of rider.